Business-News No. 2
The one, the only..."5 Fingers of Death"!
This movie was the first Oriental Kung Fu movie to break into the North American film market. It created a "Chop Socky" movie craze that went on for 2 years back in 1972 / 1973! The film broke open the market for later works which included Bruce Lee's "Fists of Fury", "Chinese Connection" and "Return of the Dragon"!

Here is the cinematic trailer for "5 Fingers of Death"!
Here  are clips from Bruce Lee's "Fists of Fury", "Chinese Connection", "Return of the Dragon" and "Enter the Dragon". Some of the greatest martial
arts fims ever made!
"Enter the Dragon"
"Chinese Connection" aka "Fists of Fury"
"Fists of Fury" aka "The Big Boss"
"Return of the Dragon"
A hilarious send up of the 1970 s Hong Kong martial arts movies that became cult classics during the "chop socky" movie craze of 1972 / 1973. Look at the attention to detail...the incorrectly synchronized voiceover grainy film quality...overly bright colour and hilarious dialogue! It is all here! I love this clip!
We take our martial arts and training seriously……….
…but we have a little fun doing that!
(this article is taken from the May 2010 issue of "The Dragon's Lair" Newsletter of the Iron Dragon Kung Fu and Kickboxing Club)
Kung Fu Fighting was a hit Disco Dance song of the 1970’s.  Martial Arts mania and Disco Dancing swept North America simultaneously in late 1972 and Carl’s song captured that moment brilliantly!!

The man behind the smash hit, disco song “Kung Fu Fighting” was Carl Douglas. He was the first Jamaican born artist to score a number one single in the United States!

Often touted as a “one-hit wonder” due to the success of “Kung Fu Fighting”, Carl Douglas does in fact have a substantial catalogue of music that can stand on its own merits despite never equaling the success of “Kung Fu Fighting”.

Douglas was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the United States. He grew up in California and later moved to England to study sound engineering. While in England, Douglas formed a musical group called the Big Stampede and went on to release a couple of mildly successful singles in the U.K.

Two years later (while living in Spain), he formed another group, “The Explosions“. The group did not go far and Douglas returned to England where he teamed up with a band called “Gonzales”. This gig in turn, led to his becoming a session vocalist for Pye Records.

In 1972 Douglas returned to England and worked with record producer Biddu on the soundtrack to “Embassy”, a film starring Richard Roundtree. Later, Biddu selected Douglas as a vocalist to record the single “I want to give you my everything”.

Needing a quick B-side to the record, Biddu put a melody to the lyrics of a song written by Douglas. The song had been inspired by the Kung Fu craze that swept the world after the release of Bruce Lee’s film “Enter the Dragon” and David Carradine’s TV show “Kung Fu”. The song “Kung Fu Fighting” was recorded in just 10 minutes!  Later, when the executives at Pye Records smelled a winner, they escalated the song to the A side of the record! It went on to top the charts first in the U.K. and then Worldwide, selling over nine million copies! Pye Records hurriedly put together an album anchored by the hit single and entitled it “Kung Fu fighting and other great love songs” LOL!

Subsequently, Douglas released two more albums, “Love, Peace and Happiness” in 1979 and “Keep Pleasing Me” in 1983. Neither album approached the popularity of “Kung Fu Fighting and other great love songs”.

Douglas has since moved to Hamburg, Germany where he owns a successful production company specializing in supplying music to German films and advertisements.

Incredibly, the man who so popularized Kung Fu in North American pop culture through his song “Kung Fu Fighting” never trained a day in his life!!!!

Here is that great song!
Man, it brings back awesome memories!!! LOL!

"Life is too important to be taken seriously."
~ Oscar Wilde
A Kung Fu Tea Shop in Toronto's Chinatown. Who knew?!
Kung Fu Massage Parlour I discovered in Taipei's Int'l Airport!