Business-News No. 2
After many weeks of training Isaac made his competitive debut on Saturday October 4/13! He lost a close split decision last night. Despite having problems with his asthma during the fight Young Isaac fought on and made us all proud! Very few people will ever step into the ring to fight and all who do are champions in my book whether they win the actual bout or not. Much respect young Isaac!
June 3/08 - The Docks Nightclub,Toronto Ontario
Colin Kitson (Iron Dragon) vs. Jeremiah Wilson (Twin Dragon)
Iron Dragon's Colin Kitson (red striped pants) takes on Nationally rated Jeremiah Wilson in his first amateur fight and gives him all he can handle losing a close decision!

March 27, 2011 - Twin Dragon Fights - Concord, Ontario
Pat Rhodes (Iron Dragon) vs. Norm Fisher (Twin Dragon, North Bay)
Iron Dragon's Pat "Train Wrecka" Rhodes winner by KO!
November 6, 2011 - Twin Dragon Fights - Vaughan, Ontario
Iron Dragon's "Hammertime" wins by KO in under 30 seconds!!!!! What time is it? "Hammer Time" !!!!!

Iron Dragon's Arnold Kitson (shorts) has his ring debut at age 51 and takes on Twin Dragon's Dustin Parchment, a kid half his age with several fights under his belt yet gives him a good tough fight though losing a decision. Congrats Arnie! Amazing accomplishment!
November 6/11 - Paradise Convention Centre, Concord, Ontario
Arnold Kitson (Iron Dragon) vs. Dustin Parchment (Twin Dragon)
Iron Dragon produces winners in competition but more importantly....we produce winners in the game of life!!!

October 4, 2013 - CASK Grand Prix Continuous Fighting Championship - Burlington, Ontario
Iron Dragon's Isaac Correa competes at the CASK Grand Prix !
Iron Dragons Competitive team is in  a rebuilding stage for 2016 but already some outstanding newbies have made their debut. We are proud to have Justin Smith emerge as a hot new prospect along with several Young Dragon's. Ali Hossaini, Shea Moran and Preston Prince have all had impressive debuts in 2016!