Business-News No. 2
There are currently 4 classes per week. Mon 6 pm / Wed 6 pm / Fri 6 pm / Sat 11 am. 1 hour class.
Booty Blast Bootcamp is a new offering at Iron Dragon. There are lots of spaces available!

This is a class that is designed to improve your level of conditioning. People just starting out will find
it a perfect introductory fitness course and others that have already trained and achieved a degree of fitness will still find it challenging since portions of the program are adjusted to individual students abilities.

A set of Hand wraps are your only required equipment initially. We lend our Boxing Gloves to the
Booty Blast participants but most people prefer to buy their own eventually because it is more sanitary.
We can order in 16 Oz Boxing Gloves at a price of $79.99 + 13% HST.
(you do not need a PayPal account)
Sale Price $200 + 13% HST = $226.00
Please email: if you experience problems or need instructions to process your payment online.

Cash and cheque payments are also acceptable!