Business-News No. 2

- Signifies the strength of the characteristics we seek to develop in our students.
           Just as raw Iron ore is refined, conditioned and polished to become a fine sword,
           so too must our students be refined, conditioned and polished to become fine
           Martial Artists and citizens of the world!

DRAGON - A traditional reference to a student of Kung Fu

Iron Body
       Conditioning of the body through physical training in Kung Fu will
       enable the practitioner to withstand and defend him or herself from an 
       attack whether it be physical or verbal.

Iron Willpower
       The ability to make one's own life decisions in accordance with what is
       right and wrong despite outside influences.

Iron Spirit
       The cultivation of an indomitable spirit . The ability to thrive despite
       lifes obstacles. The ability to continue on despite temporary setbacks. 
       The ability to remain positive in order to
meet personal goals.
There are so many workout regimens out there. Sure...many will burn calories and get you into reasonable shape in a short time. But what happens after that? Injuries from highly repetitve routines or outdated training methods!

Still belong to one of those gyms that sends you outside to run endless laps around the building? Ever notice the high number of participants wearing knee bands as a result of running those laps in the same direction night after night on a concrete parking lot?

What of the mindnumbing boredom of doing a physical regimen that has abslolutely no direct application to an actual physical skill? Slogging tires with a mallet out in the parking lot? Hahaha what a bunch of horse malarkey!

How long have these routines been around? 10-20years? How much longer will it be before some other fad routine comes out?!

In the words of the infamous Tony Soprano......"Fuggedaboudit"!

Club Competitive Accomplishments - Many more to come!
Daron Martin
  1999 Pickering Karate Championships - Gold Medal

Dylan McNeil
  1999 Pickering Karate Championships - Silver Medal

Stefan Reyes
  1998 Pickering Karate Championships - Silver Medal

Melissa Lucki
  1998 Pickering Karate Championships - Gold Medal
  1999 Pickering Karate Championships - Silver Medal

Craig Morgan
  2001 Peterborough Kickboxing Championships - Welterweight Champion

Jamie Parchment
  2001 Peterborough Kickboxing Championships - Heavyweight Champion

Gary Newman
  2001 Peterborough Kickboxing Championships - Super Middleweight Champion
  2001 Western Ontario Kickboxing Championships - Super Middleweight Champion

Kevin King
  1999 Durham Kickboxing Championships - Jr. Middleweight Champion

Jennifer Hunter
  1998 Pickering Karate Championships - Silver Medal
  1999 Durham Kickboxing Championships - Womens Semi-Contact Champion

From 1978-1985 Sifu also trained in Hung Gar Kung Fu hand forms, weapons and Chinese Wrestling with Master David Lee.

As a former night club bouncer Sifu is well aware of the techniques and psychology required for successful street self defense.

Paulo Pinzon
2009 Canada Cup Champion - CASK Continuous Sparring
Karl Adhihetty
  2000 Eastern Canadian Kickboxing Championships - Super Middleweight Title
  2000 Eastern Canadian Karate Championships - Black Belt Champion
  1999 Canadian National Kickboxing Championships - Silver Medal
  1999 Canadian National Kickboxing Golden Gloves - Silver Medal
Austin Heath
Ranked #10 Canadian Welterweight by Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing
Sept 2008 - Hanover Kickboxing Show - Winner by Decision
Corey Kitson
Ranked #8 Canadian Lightweight by Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing
May 2008 - Night of Champions - Winner by Decision
(Voted best fighter of the night)
Fraser Mersereau
May 12, 2007  - Night of Champions - 2 KOs
Nov. 2007 - Twin Dragons CASK event 1 KO
Sifu (Teacher) Karl has trained in the martial arts for 44 years and has taught for 30 years at various martial arts studios. In 1997 he established Iron Dragon Kung Fu and Kickboxing Club in Ajax and has taught there for almost 19 years.

Sifu Karl began his training in 1972 with Judo and Karate Kung Fu under the tutelage of Alistair McNeilage. In 1973 he began training in Kung Fu / Kickboxing with Twins Mick and Martin McNamara - The Twin Dragons, earning his Red Sash (highest attainable rank in Kung Fu) in 1997.

Sifu has been featured in the Films "Twin Dragon Encounter", "Dragon Hunt" and the "The Right to Fight". He also made a guest appearance in the TV Series "Kung Fu: The legend continues".
Sifu competed in Amateur Kickboxing until 2001 compiling a record of 28 wins and 3 losses over a career that spanned 25 years and included the 1998 New York State Super Middleweight Kickboxing Title, 2000 Eastern Canadian Super Middleweight Kickboxing Championship, 2000 Eastern Canadian Black Belt Karate Championship and Silver Medals at the Canadian National Kickboxing Championships and National Kickboxing Golden Gloves in 1999. Sifu has won many lesser titles in non-contact and continuous Sparring championships throughout his competitive career.
Shawn "Hammertime" Nanay
2 wins , 2 losses, 2 KO"s
November 2011 - 1st round knockout - Twin Dragon Kickboxing Show
Pat "Train Wrecka" Rhodes
4 wins , 1 loss, 1 KO