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This program is specially designed for children aged 4-8. The Little Dragons train twice per week.  Our focus at this point is to lay  the groundwork that will allow each student  to develop to their full potential as  they gain skill and experience.

Physical Skills
Recognizing that children at this age still have not fully developed their motor skills, the instructors concentrate on fundamental techniques that will be built upon later as the student matures. Basic Kicks, Punches, Blocks and Breakfalls are taught.

Self Discipline
Students are taught that martial arts are a means to a peaceful existence. It is emphasized that martial arts are more than a physical response to aggression. The student is taught that the skills they learn are only  to be used in self defense. The self discipline the children develop will carry over into all areas of  their lives.

Self Esteem / indomitable Spirit
Because martial arts are commonly taught as a method for self defense, children often experience a boost in self-esteem and confidence after completing several sessions. This is especially  true for children who are generally considered to be unassertive. With lessons in martial arts techniques, your shy and timid child will soon become more assertive in all aspects of  life! Self esteem will lead to an indomitable spirit.  Our students forge ahead despite life s obstacles!

Many parents find our programs are useful in assisting children who may be victims of bullying at school. Without teaching a child to become aggressive, martial arts can provide your child with the necessary tools to ward off the school bully through the powerful sense of confidence and self  esteem that is built over time with consistent training.

Street Proofing
All of our Little Dragons are taught to learn their full names, addresses, phone numbers and parents names to assist in identification should they become lost. Through scenario enactments they are taught how to deal with various situations that may place them in harms way. It is a fact  that the world has become a much more dangerous place than it was when we were growing up. It is our aim to protect our students by encouraging a heightened state of awareness when in unfamiliar situations.

Health and Fitness
The martial arts we practice at Iron Dragon are an excellent form of exercise. Your child will benefit from the enhanced flexibility, strength and aerobic capacity they will gain from our fun and enthusiastic workouts!
Iron Dragon qualifies the parents of an enrolled child for the Federal Child Fitness Tax Credit!

About our name

     To signify the strength of  character we aim to instill in our students through martial arts training.
     Iron Willpower
     The strength to make ones own life decisions in
     accordance with what is right and wrong regardless
     of outside influences. 
     Iron Spirit
     The cultivation of an indomitable spirit capable of
     overcoming life's obstacles.

      Iron Body
      The development of a strong and healthy body capable of
      withstanding the physical and mental stress of modern life.

     A traditional reference to a student of
     Chinese martial arts.

This program is specially designed for children aged 9-13. The Young Dragons train 3 times per week.  Our focus at this point is to expose the student to all 3 martial arts practiced at our club along with the fundamental ethical principles that a true martial artist must abide by.

Hung Gar Kung Fu the focus of the class every Tuesday. Traditional techniques are taught and compared to their modern equivalents in a fast paced warm up routine. After that, the class progresses to Traditional Hung Gar Forms study. The instructor breaks the class up into groups and allows more senior students to teach newer students a relevant section of a form. Once the newer students have learned new moves they set to practicing while the senior students are taught new sections of the form by the master instructor. The class is concluded with a brief discussion of Hung Gar history, traditions and philosophy.

Chinese Wrestling the focus of the class every Thursday..
The session begins with a rigorous warm up session involving breakfalls, grappling drills and MMA style striking. Once the warm up is concluded the students are paired up and taught 1 to 2 new grappling techniques which they then practice. Once the teacher feels the technique has been transmitted the students conclude the class with a series of practice grappling bouts against other students.

Kickboxing, Sparring and Self Defense the focus of the class every Sunday. The class begins with a rigorous warmup. Students then don the protective gear for sparring with their fellow students. A round of stand up light contact kickboxing is then followed up with grappling based sparring featuring throws and submissions. After the sparring is completed the class is taught a self defense technique for a common scenario. The class concludes with a brief discussion of modern ethics as it relates to the martial artist. The importance of Self Discipline and Self esteem are discussed and the class ends with a discussion of positive attitudes.

Benefits to your child
Self Esteem / Self Discipline / Indomitable Spirit
Reality based self defense system
Positive activity with a structured schedule that will counteract negative influences of gang culture, drugs and drinking
Excellent physical fitness program that qualifies for the Federal Child Fitness Tax Credit.

All students can participate equally regardless of skill or physical attributes. No one sits on the bench at Iron Dragon!
Some of our Lil' Dragons performing the Axe Kick that they are working on.

Course Fee:   $200 + 13% HST = $226.00
Course Fee:   $200 + 13% HST = $226.00
Course Fee:   $200 + 13% HST = $226.00