Buiness-News No. 2man

Many more to come!!
November 23, 2010

"As most of the members already know, Sifu Karl is more than a professional and knowledgeable instructor. Over the past many years that I have known him, he truly has become an inspiration and mentor to my training success and longevity. I took some years off my training and was consumed by work, like all of us are. I was severely stressed, overworked, and my health began to fade quite rapidly to the extent that shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. During this time Sifu Karl and I had several discussions regarding me coming back to train to get my health and sanity back in check. I received this note from Sifu:

“Omar, I'm not askin' you no mo'..I'm tellin' ya....this is an INTERVENTION! LOL!
Seriously man your heart is in this club and has been for the over 12 years that I have owned it! Put yourself and your family first for a change man! I hope you guys will train with us soon!”

That being said, I did exactly that!! I came back and trained fiercely, both of my kids train in the Young Dragon curriculum. I have lost 30lbs from then till now, my diabetes is in check and my sugars are cozy well within the normal range. My doctor is even calling me his protégé!

I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of Sifu Karl and my extended family members at Iron Dragon!
Thank you all!!"
Omar Ally

*Update Feb.26/11 - Omar reports that his Diabetes medication has now been cut
in half!!!!

**Update June 1/11 - Omar's weight is now 162 Lbs as he trains for his first amateur fight on July 23/11!!! What a success story!

***Update August 25/11 - Omar reports that he has been taken off the Diabetes medication entirely as per his doctors orders! Success!
"Iron Dragon is certainly a one of a kind place! Every member is motivating and accepting of all skill levels. It has a friendly atmosphere which creates a high level of comfort even for new joiners!

This place would not be the same without Sifu Karl - he to is one of a kind. His patience and kind heart are really what makes Iron Dragon the wonderful place it is. His dedication and understanding of his sport allow for an exceptional learning experience. There are not enough kind words to describe this amazing man.

The facilities are what you need, nothing more. They are true to the sport and do not include juice bars or a wireless business area.

From beginners to experienced fighters this is the place for you. If you want a dedicated teacher with years of skill and knowledge, a comfortable atmosphere with a family feeling and a fun way to get fit or improve your skills, stop in and check it out. It will be worth your time!"

Louise Asling
"Training at The Iron Dragon has been an excellent experience for me and my two sons who are in The Young Dragons, and Little Dragons programs.  

The Iron Dragon offers a variety of classes all of which are great work-outs and extremely enjoyable.  

The best aspect of The Iron Dragon is the esprit-de-corps; everyone has been very welcoming and supportive which makes the club a great place to be a part of. 

In the six months I have been training at The Iron Dragon I have lost forty pounds and feel better than I ever have. 

Thanks to Sifu Karl and everyone at The Iron Dragon I know I will be even more successful over the next six months."

onathon Smith

"Iron Dragon is a great place to train! No fluff there, its down to work but you will have a great time while you are training!!!!"

Harmony Inart
"Wow, now that is what I call a psycho-cardio work-out, fantastic! can't wait for the next one."

Oscar Marticorena

April 23, 2011

A note from our Lil' Dragon, Leah:
August 20, 2013

Good Afternoon My Iron Dragon Family,

I'm writing this post today to let everyone know that tomorrow will be my last day at Iron Dragon. I'm quite sad about this, as you all have become part of my family. I am moving out of the GTA, up north to Thunder Bay.

As many of you know I had a very serious heart attack 3 years ago due to a combination of family genetics and just plain stupidity. The heart attack was so bad that I was placed on the emergency heart transplant list. Fortunately my heart recovered three days after the MI, and the road to recovery began. Iron Dragon was instrumental in helping me get back on my feet, and I'm proud to say that last year my cardiologist let me know I was a "miracle". He told me after my stress test that I had turned things around so much that he wouldn't even be able to detect the damage to my heart without an ECG and that I was performing at an athletic level. Truly remarkable, and due in no small part to Sifu's training and to all of you. Every one of you make the workouts enjoyable.. make the pain bearable.. and help to push each other to do our best. All I can say is, don't take your workouts for granted... believe me, the rewards of keeping in shape are worth the time invested. Keep at it... I know I will (I'm just not sure where yet )

Thank you everyone,

Iron Dragon Forever!

Thank you brother Graham for the heartmelting testimonial! I am glad that Iron Dragon was able to play a part in your amazing recovery!!!!